“What do you think is the most unique point about your technique?”
“I can change focusing 180 degrees.”
“That’s catchy. Reverse focus.”
“That sounds nice!”  



 12 years ago I went to Okinawa and that was my first solo trip. But at that time, I hadn’t thought about solo trips and I thought it was impossible for me because I was afraid of feeling lonely. So my coach said, “So you should do a solo trip.” My coach turned my life around 180 degrees.


 I went to an isolated island and I hired a guide who showed me some of the sights by car. When we went to a very beautiful beach, I found a shining shellfish and I put it in my hand and said, “I feel I get power from this shellfish.” But he said, “You have a power within you, so you feel like that.”


 I was amazed by his feedback and I didn't think of that until he said it. And I felt like there was a power within me. He saw it through a completely different lens. I experienced “Reverse focus.” I hoped I would be able to give feedback like him at my coaching sessions.


 If I think a shellfish has a power, it’s from another person's point of view. On the other hand, if I think I have a power, it’s from my point of view. Th at’s important. I’d say you should always search inside yourself.  


 When you get angry with someone, you probably hope for their happiness. When you feel loss, there is probably true love within you. When you are frustrated, you are probably ambitious and highly motivated.


 My unique technique, Reverse focus is that I help my client to realize what they already possess.  


 Like adding sugar before salt to cooking, there is sa-shi-su-se-so to life too. Sometimes we need to shake off some salt to let in the sweetness. Without sadness we can’t sense joy. There are always two sides to a coin.


solo trip ひとり旅・turn one's life around 180 degrees 180度人生を変える・see it through a completely diffrent lens 180度逆の視点から見る