The universe wants to play catch with you.
Join in the inspiration game!


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『Inspiration』とグーグル検索をしていたら、『Big Magic』という本の説明をしているYouTubeを見つけ、本を買ってみました。それは以前、『食べて、祈って、恋をして』を書かれたエリザベス・ギルバートの本でした。ちなみに私のバイブルです! 『Big Magic』は一言で言えば、クリエイティブライフをどう生きるか? について書いてありました。

When I Googled “Inspiration.” I found a YouTube video about the book “Big Magic.” So I bought it. The author also wrote “Eat, Pray, Love” before. That is my bible. In short, “Big Magic” is about how to live a creative life.

アイデアがどのようにやってくるか? について、驚くべき記述を見つけました。

There was something astonishing written there. She mentioned about how to get ideas.


‘Ideas of every kind are constantly galloping toward us, constantly passing through us, constantly trying to get our attention. Let them know you’re available.And for heaven’s sake, try not to miss the next one.’



I thought ideas comes from within me but if anything, ideas are waiting for someone to catch them.
In other words they comes from the universe! I understood it like this “I should prepare to be a good receiver.” I have 3 methods for catching ideas.

1. 今に生きる。
2. 瞑想、リラックスする。
3. いつでも、どれでも、どこでも創造し続ける。

1. Living in the present.
2. Meditate and relax.
3. Keep creating, anywhere, anyhow, any time.


One can’t catch a ball with a fist, with eyes closed, or by shying away from it. We need to look up, open one’s hand and go towers the ball. 

同様にアイデアは、探してもらうことも必要です。心をひらいて、手を差し出してあげないといけません。いちばん大切なことは、アイデアを実行に移すことです。ただ、やること! すべてのアイデアは、既に存在しているのですから。

Likewise, ideas need to be looked out for, opened up towards and dived upon. But most important is that ideas are acted upon! ”Just get on it! ”All the ideas are already there !

get on it = take action