I have a client looking for a job. He’s heard his company is more so-so than good and he thinks it’s so so-so too. He’s pretty sure it isn’t great and he wonders whether his so-so company is too so-so for him and whether he should move on or not. He’s not confident in choosing the best path from here.


If you follow your heart your life will become less so-so and maybe even so-interesting. He tried to choose what is the best based on circumstance. He thinks with his loaf. He makes decisions on the next step that and based on past steps.   


To live a better life I’d say one should use intuition and follow one’s heart. I have 3 methods for listening to my heart.  


1, If there are too many reasons to do it. I reject it.

2. Even if money or time is right, I say go for it.

3. When there are no reason for it, only that I want to do. I go for it!




That's how your life can be more interesting and less so-so.