Dear Readers,

Where I’m from a great alien once said ‘Find 4 rockets’ and you fly for eternity.


Hi! I’m an Alien %&$#!@> ;-) and live in Beyond planet!

 Last week 1D1U Uniters stayed here and had a Boot camp in order to ‘go beyond!’
 Captain Robert gave me a mission that I give a challenge to uniters by using a Earth application called LINE@. But he only said that and went on his way so I should think about it.

 And the thing I came up with was ’You have to go to a convenience store and you have to buy something. And the total must be 1111yen! And then gonna send a photo of the receipt to me!'


What a great idea! Uniters will develop their grit! It is just right for 1D1U!

 First there were 26 uniters to contact me. And then 11 uniters did it! That’s amazing! I was impressed with how quickly they responded to my request! Some uniters tried it with their children. Sounds like they had a good time! And an other uniter said 'This is the most serious shopping at a connivence store I have ever done.'


How beautiful! That’s my collection!

Hi! Readers! You must try it! And you’re gonna send a photo of the receipt to me.

P.S. Robert got 2222 during this Beyond Camp. What a coincidence! He said 'It was just happening!'


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading

Hitomi Horiguchi