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Yo, it’s time for me to teach you the active participation rap!



A client who had a coaching session for the first time said, "I was impressed that it was only thirty minutes but I could find out what I should do and see the way toward the future!"

I also had the same experience. I had thought I hadn’t needed a coach until the day I had a session but since then I’ve been having sessions with my coach for twelve years.

What can we do for thirty minutes?

As I had experienced a brilliant 30-minute session, I value time for learning. I think it’s important to devise a plan when we are taught something by a teacher.

For example, I go to an English conversation school, have an online English class, take my singing lessens and do yoga lessons. These lessons are personal.

My teachers make me improve and teach me something patiently and conscientiously until the last minute. I really appreciate them. I’m lucky to have great teachers so I often introduce my teachers to someone.

The reason I meet good teachers is that it is meant to be.

The thing is that I try to bring out the best in a teacher. A teacher also has possibilities that they don’t know about,the same as a student. They will be able to bring out a new theory.However, there are lots of books about how to teach but I don’t know a book about how to learn from a teacher.

If you want to be a great student, basically you should do preparation and review. Next, to report what you learned and how you applied it is most important. They are happy with the good news and to hear
they helped their students.

Moreover an experienced student gives a task to their teachers. I think teachers generally like a task
because they usually submit a task themselves. If you become a new type of student,teaches will find a new theory.

If it does become like that, a teacher and a student can inspire each other and they can start working on developing something.

A student who is good at learning always thinks about how to motivate a teacher. You should play the leading role even though they are a student.

(This is the rap part.)

Rather than traveling from teacher to teacher students can teach their teachers how to teach them, yo!


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Hitomi Horiguchi