Dear Readers,

Did you know New York's "Irashaimase" is "How are you?" ?
... and you have to reply!


I went to Brooklyn at the end of June. The idea of my trip was that I would take my life-style to Brooklyn
and I planned to go to the place connected with Woody Allen to feel the atmosphere.

I looked for a cafe to do my work in, in Brooklyn because I had longed to do it. I thought there were a lot more cafes and bars in Brooklyn than Tokyo. Even though they sell pancakes, I saw many guys there. I couldn't find my favorite cafe so I was beginning to understand the mixed society of Brooklyn.

Moreover, I noticed my guide books were written by men. I understood one of the reasons I found no cafe completely to my taste. Finally I started to find "my Brooklyn".

On the fifth day, I went to a toy shop in my neighborhood and so I walked on the opposite side of the station for the first time. On the way to the shop, I found a cafe that might have had my favorite atmosphere and entered it to have lunch.

The coffee was served in a mason jar full to the brim. The omelet was so good! The shape was round and thick. It was a perfect dream. I decided to do my work here before leaving Brooklyn.

On the last morning of my trip, I had an online coaching session at 7am, arranged my luggage, blogged at my accommodation and checked out at noon. But I couldn’t see the owner of the accommodation
so I left my luggage and went out to have brunch at the cafe with my laptop and then I bumped into her on my way to the cafe.

As it was Saturday, the cafe was so crowded with people. And, Guess what? There was live music!
They played the saxophone and the cello. I sat at a counter seat. The tables were white tiles and I loved it! But I thought it was a little noisy for me to work in.

I ordered some coffee and "Brussel Sprout, Roasted Tomatoes & Cheddar Scramble". It was a great success!

After having brunch, I opened my laptop as planned. I still had some coffee left even after an hour.

Soon the two seats to the right and left of me had some new customers in them. On my left side guys were drinking some red wine and speaking French. Though there was a hum of conversation, I could focus on writing.

And then the scents of their red wine floated by me. I listened to French in my left ear, Jazz in my right ear then Woody Allen came in ... just kidding.

I had English in stereo. And the cafe was filled with red wine and coffee. At last I felt I was in Brooklyn now!

Suddenly, my laptop battery died so I had to go back to my accommodation. But it was for the best.
It began to rain in front of the entrance. I thought I had enjoyed good wether during my trip but why did it rain that day?

Oh, I know, Brooklyn was crying!