Dear Readers,

What’s new?
I’ll be in Brooklyn tomorrow!


Dear Brooklyn,

I've heard you calling me and so I'll be with shortly.

p.s. I'm bringing my readers with me.
(pack your suitcases!)

Love, Hitomi



 I'm staying in Brooklyn for 5 nights this week.So I 'm going to write about my state of mind before going there.

 This spring, I talked with my friend and she read my online book and said,"Can you write a play script?"

 Speaking of scripts, It reminded me of Woody Allen. Then I saw his documentary movie again and what impressed me most was that he showed us the Brooklyn associated with him. I had been thinking about my trip this year and somehow I decided to go there. Then I watched some of his movies and interviews.I noticed I have the same values as him.

 He keeps making new movies once a year even though he is eighty one years old and sometimes he performs his own work by himself. I also make online books with my clients every year and perform my own work by myself.

 In the movie, "Woody Allen” he said " I've been working on the quantity theory. I feel if I keep making films and just keep making them, every once in a while I'll get lucky." I agree completely.

 Up to and including today I've been blogging for 4,739 days and having coaching sessions every single day so it totals more than 5,000 sessions. At last I feel like I'm being called to Brooklyn.

 There are some things in life that we can rely on. We know the sun will rise in the morning and we know that Woody Allen will make a new movie each year. With continuity comes momentum!

I won’t be there on holiday because I’m a workaholic. I'll be blogging in Brooklyn. See you soon on my blog! 


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi