Dear Readers,

Now that full bloom has passed we know green leaves are next, but in life the future is not so clearly communicated.
We need to know how to look out for messages from the future.



I'll tell you a bit of a strange story about signs.

I went to see cherry blossoms with my friend recently.
I was there before her so I looked for a restaurant to have dinner in.

When I walked around the moat there,
I found some antique toy horses in front of a shop.
That kind of shop is rare in Japan
so I went and had a look but it was a cafe.

Then my friend came and I told her that
I had found a cafe and was curious about it.
She said that I should follow my heart.
We went to the cafe and ordered beef stew.

My friend came up with a great idea for my new project.
"Hey! You should write a script and send it to many TV program production companies."

"Wow! You know what, this afternoon I declared to my accountant that I want to start publishing business!"

I’ve been thinking outside the box about starting a new business.
We talked up a storm about what I will do in the future and I usually put ideas into action: "It would be great if it actually happened." We burst out laughing.
The talk became very animated like the cherry blossoms.

At that moment, a waitress sneezed twice.
I giggled about that, but on the other hand, my friend didn’t seem to understand why I laughed.

"Did you hear a waitress sneezing? That’s a sign.
For example, if somebody around us laughs when we have a discussion, it means 'Go'if a negative thing happens, it means 'Stop' I think sneezing means we feel better so it means 'Go'."

"I've got goose bumps!"

I had a dinner with my acquaintance who was an entrepreneur when I was an apparel shop manager.
She suggested to me to launch a new blog about leadership.

At that time, I had already blogged about fashion as an apparel shop manager so the new blog was meant to connect to my own business in the future.

At that moment, my glass of water spilled out over the table and I was surprised but she said, "That is inevitable."
She seemed to keep her composure.

In the outer world, a message comes from the future shown to us as a phenomenon of the subconsciousness.
I launched a new blog the same day, six months later, I started my own business.
I’ve been blogging for twelve years... like it's meant to be.

Water spilling from a cup means a state of flow.
I have recently realized that.

Thus in the outer world we notice a sign from the future.
We can’t see the future so we should try to see "Subtle messages" in daily life and we might see the future.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi