Dear Readers,

What's on your list for December?
Why not cross your end of year "cleaning" off the list now?



Time flies. The end of the year is coming soon.

Speaking of Shiwasu, (In Japan we call December "Shiwasu",
which literally means teachers or priests run.)
we have a big event called "Ohsouji"
which literally means deep house cleaning in Japan.

However some people who usually do house cleaning,
the word "Ohsouji" can't be found in their dictionary.
I’m one of them. I realized how I don’t have to do deep house cleaning,
when I worked at McDonald’s as an assistant manager.

I suggested that a garbage area needed a deodorant to my boss
because the area was close to a floor where customers were.

Then the boss said to me,
"That'll become more dirty once you put it there,
you'll become lazy to clean it."
I was shallow and my eyes were opened to my error.

It’s easier to prevent than to take countermeasures against.
So we should do maintenance work ourself with regularity.

That is the important thing but many people behave like I used to
and tend to buy unnecessary cleaning tools.
You want to have a big tidy-up a closet?

The way of thinking is like I have bad teeth so I go to a dentist.
On the other hand, why not go to the dentist regularly to prevent getting a bad tooth.
Shouldn't we think of cleaning our homes in the same way?

If you clean your room even while it isn’t dirty,
you won’t have to do deep house cleaning.
Ultimately, you just need some sponges, dust cloths and water.

Bob’s your uncle!


"A list of how to feel refreshed after clearing your room."

1. Washing a window with window squeegee, you'll see everything with fresh eyes!

2. Clean the floor with a wet cloth. Every step will in the right direction.

3. Washing your curtains. Opening and closing them becomes a hobby.

4. Clean your whole bathroom and it will clean you.

5. Wash out your kitchen drain and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Washing an air-conditioner filter. And enjoy a breeze from heaven.

7. Remove a coffee stain with white sponge and nerve look back.

8. Make an application to your local council to throw away over-sized rubbish and "Hey-presto."


"You want to clean your room! You really do!"
(Japanese only but lots of pictures)

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Have fun cleaning!


Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi