Dear Readers,

Like Abe-Mario,
I've got a surprise for you, too.



When you focus on problems,
you will have more problems.
When you focus on possibilities
you'll have more opportunities.

Which part do you usually focus on?
If you know about yourself,
you can see it in daily life.

I’ve been to a chiropractic
twice a month for 4 years.

First I suddenly had a backache
and a few months later I got better
but I continue to get chiropractic
treatment continuously.

He always asks me,
How is your physical condition?”
I say,”I’m OK!”

One day when he asked me the same question
and I answered as usual.

Then, he said,”You are the only one
who says “I’m OK”every time.

Other clients come here to be cured
and after that they stop coming
but a few months later,
they come here again
when they are in bad condition.

And then I realized my way of thinking.
I do everything like that.

For example, I've been having a coaching session
with my coach for 11 years continuously.

It's not to find a solution for a problem
but to find my answer within me
to help me move forward.

I wonder if some clients have
a session to focus on problems.

Finally I clearly saw that
when people stand at a crossroad,
they can choose either to focus on possibilities
or problems and depending on their choice,
different futures would be made.

In my session I often hear the phrase
that if I have a problem again
I email you again.
It's almost like they hope that
a problem would come to them again.

I’m sure the phrase would create a problem
because your thoughts create your reality.

Like a great man once said,
If you're pushing a boulder up a hill
you're going in the wrong direction.

When people have problems in daily life,
many people want to solve the problem.

In fact, my approach of coaching
is cutting out a problem
and focusing on possibilities.

Once you replace a problem with a possibility,
you’ll start having positive results.



Like a great man once said, とは、

Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi